Coming Fall 2023, Brigids Gate Press


November ’23, by April Yates

When fading star of the silver screen Diana Blake takes an interest in waitress Hazel, declaring her intention to turn her into the next hot ingénue, Hazel is conflicted. Having harboured a life long crush on Diana she’s thrilled with the attention though at the same time not particularly enamoured with the idea of stardom.
But who exactly is Diana and what are her true objectives?


December ’23, by Rae Knowles

Aboard the ship Scylla, Jaq lives in an endless present with her fickle partner, Lily, and an all female crew with no memory of a life before the sea. After they rescue Reginald, a man adrift, Lily jumps at the opportunity to exchange Jaq for a more novel lover. Enraged and heartbroken, Jaq plots Reginald’s murder until her machinations are disrupted by recovered memories of a time before Scylla. When knowledge of before infects the entire crew, and peace aboard the ship begins to shatter, Jaq must decide whether winning back Lily’s affection is worth joining her in a quest for revenge that could kill them both.


February ’24, by April Yates & Rae Knowles

Lorelei Keyes and Adele Hughes make a meager living and hide their romantic relationship running a sham seance business in Derby. While the couple grapples with financial strain and a stale sex life, they remain committed to one another until a mysterious woman captures their fascination. The couple finds their quiet life upturned as Lorelei begins to question her skeptical convictions, and their loyalties falter.